Live Facial Verification

Live Facial Verification Technology
One of the most valued verification methods is Live Facial Verification which integrates Known face checks to determine any duplications or if the customer is on any blacklists.
The Live verification method uses concentrated methods to stop even the best of fraud attempts with look a likes, masks and complete fakes, ensuring that you only onboard authentic customers. The completion of a Live Verification process can completely eliminate the requirement for an in-person physical meet to complete an identity verification allowing you and your customers set meet times with more flexibility.
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Users can be asked to verify certain details during the call to ensure the applicants identity by asking them to confirm details such as phone number. e-mail and questionnaires it deemed necessary

Complaint Reporting

Compliance is automatically set in-line with your jurisdiction ensuring that scripts, policies, reports are complaint

Documents Captured

Live Documents can be captured during the call which will complete checks against any fraudulent detections

Our Solutions are trusted across a Multitude of Industries Clients across these industries have already trusted cCheck with there complete Infrastructure design & development
Everyday Business
Gaming Platforms
Online & Physical Casinos
Regulated Off-Shore Funds
Payment Service Providers
Foreign Exchange Providers
Global Fintech Providers
Crypto Exchanges
Dating Sites
Protect Against Fraudsters
Cybercriminals and Fraudsters are constantly evolving new methods to attempt to bypass verification & authentication methods. Criminals & Fraudsters are editing images, using masks, voice alteration applications and more, verification checks are completed with Biometrics and Al algorithms to combat these attacks. Many uses will have experienced difficulties with the majority of Live Verification methods available across the web due to Difficult internet speeds, device compatibility and other common issues. Users will be able to use the Live Verification process through Check with ease and without having to repeat the process multiple times due to issues which shouldn't arise in the first place.
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