Vault Wallet is a Digital Wallet
Vault Wallet is a Digital Wallet enabling you to send, receive and store digital assets including NFT’s. cCheck integrates with Vault Wallet’s registered wallet feature where they have combined cCheck KYC features such as identity verification and address verification within their wallet. Vault Wallet sees this as an emerging market in the digital wallet industry so have implemented this now to get ahead of their competitors.
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Advance Capital pay is a Fintech
Advance Capital pay is a FinTech who have combined both traditional banking and crypto currency into one platform which integrates directly with their custom built cCheck onboarding system tailormade to their requirements. Advance Capital Pay recieve extensive cChecks and EDD on all clients and organisations. We provide a full report to Advance Capital Pay on the results we find including a risk score and what risk level cCheck would categorise them into.
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Instant Win Casino
Instant Win Casino integrates a multitude of cCheck KYC features into their casino including cChecks proprietary on-boarding system where they have included Source of Funds and Source of Wealth to enable safer gambling measures in the space. They also perform identity document verification, facial verification, address verification and AML screening.
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