Cheaper & Faster SMS, Phone &
E-Mail Verification with cCheck

Verify your customers with an extra Layer of Security
  • Verify your customers with an extra Layer of Security
  • You only pay for successful verification requests!
  • Simply provide a Phone Number or E-Mail Address, We’ll work on instantly generating your customers One Time Passcode (OTP) via an SMS, E-Mail or Phone Call!
  • Our Two-Factor Authentication via verification is instantly and directly connected to your Client On-boarding Application Form or KYC Verification
  • Works for any phone number and e-mail address with no application requirements or additional extras!
Supporting Secure, Private and Cheaper Customer Verification
When sending a verification One-Time Passcode (OTP) to your customers it’s imperative that your customers Phone Number and E-Mails are kept secure! cCheck recognizes the high security which is why we have applied our Multi-Layer Encryption to our Verification process. Take advantage of cChecks unique features designed to help in verifying your customers across the world. Speak with our in-house team to tailor a compliance solution to suit your business today!
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Seamless SMS and Phone Verification Delivery with cCheck
cCheck’s Automated Website Snapshot embedded into your App, Website, or Business Process with results directly displayed to your cCheck’s Dashboard.
  • Privacy between the verification with your customers and dashboard
  • Pricing Dependent per country request verification
  • cCheck highly recommends enforcing two-factor authentication for all of your customers
  • Analysis generated of Verifications across all of your customers

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