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Ensure the individual or business you are

on-boarding is who they say they are with cCheck

Ensure the individual or business you are on-boarding is who they say they are with cCheck. Automated OCR System extracts all the data from the customers identity document, authenticating the document is legitimate and up to date. cCheck supports over 7000 document types in 200+ countries, screening the applicant’s data against our extensive AML databases which are updated every 24 hours.

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cCheck identity document Verification

cCheck’s identity document verification automates the whole process for our customers within minutes, allowing them to see the most accurate applicant reports. Using AI algorithms we are able to detect doctored documents that are not original copies or documents that have been edited in any form.

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cCheck Identity Verification

Automated OCR data extraction from the applicants document instantly.

Identity document authentication and enhanced AML screening performed against applicant’s data

cCheck Dashboard

Perform facial verification against applicants identity document using biometric and AI algorithims

cCheck’s proprietary voice recognition technology enables you to further verify your applicants (Coming Soon).

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